Direction (Expansion of company in future years)


The company was established to add value in the context of a developmental state with understanding of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) as a corner stone for the development of our Country and Communities; and growth of our Economy hence the implementation of projects throughout the country requires services of a community facilitation institution which will create an enabling environment for project initiators, funders and beneficiaries. The company envisages bringing a true reflection of an African perspective in the development of communities and implementation of projects (using academic and grassroots based approaches); we intend to be rooted in the communities with an ideal of helping the communities to do it on their own. Our experience in working with the government should assist us in realizing the growth of operating in all 283 municipalities in the country.


Our facilitators have gained experience and they have been given responsibilities until they realize that working in community facilitation environment gives one the deeper understanding of human nature and its short comings. The company wishes to continue to provide a service to its valuable clients, which is efficient, professional and of quality standard. We form strategic partnerships with other service providers in order to give our client a holistic package that guarantees quality of services provided.


We are in the helm of meeting the needs of our clients by proving them with sustainable solutions which will bear progressive results and diversify the service delivery approach. We would like to be in the forefront of implementing Corporate Social Investment programmes of various institutions in order to enlarge their territory of expanding the corporate image.


 In order to improve on the services offered, the company will introduce systems which are aimed at the attainment of a proper “Quality Management Systems”. The QMS adoption is a strategic decision that has been made, which the purpose is to:


a)     Demonstrate our ability to consistently provide a product or service that is customized to meet the particular needs of the client in a manner that is compliant to the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, and

b)    Enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including the processes for continual improvement of the system and assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements.


Training of company staff


The company’s recruitment strategy emphasizes attraction of experienced facilitators and is committed to ongoing capacity building by continuous upgrading of skills to its facilitators to be aware of a need to continue professional development, and the need for the attainment of full professional qualifications. It is considered essential by most institutions for individuals to have ongoing professional development for more knowledge and expertise to grace the operation of the service provider. Our company is in the process of identifying potential models like the Kerala and Brazilian localized budgeting in order to learn and also partner with USA which will make our company to offer services and programmes that belong to those strategic partners, meaning that our facilitators and staff will undergo training for more capacity with the partner institutions.


Accreditation with South African Training Authority


Our company is in the process of registering with relevant SETAs which is responsible for rating us the accreditation to offer formal qualifications which are NQF level-based in Local Government and other sectors and we are confident that towards the end of this financial year our registration will be completed.